Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DoG moon 10 ~ LOVEkweak 1/3

EASTER I - april 4, 2010 - FAdaya in kweakgrid
256 Warrior 9:pulse
208 Star 13:endure
204 Seed AWARENESS 9:mobilized
Mobilize Impulse Artful & Vast In the Eye

i got my pulse from a Questioning for the difference between Jesus and the Christ: that pulsed a dwelling cycle.

i endured this question by passing 4 domains of Binding - Ratio - Mystic - Natur;
and in nature the star-ion came in on the move / acting

it came in by contemplating "the Passion of the Christ" aka "the Passion from Jesus" ... and those labels contradict ... the talent of the sower

Jesus iz ongoing telepathic motion ... Christ is seeded on one spot and from there a Tree is addressed on "some saying" ... but then the sayings convert through time and cultures as wisdom harmoniqs then become more and more spiced by the intelligence aka the cosmic information for why we are all here as "one soul".

Guess the DOG as LOVE-power-pet brings this together in this LOVEkweak ...

And we know the 10th moon is about manifesting "our seed as gridded specie".

Let us see how we react on that with some common knowledge aligned , aYE?
s'ace aka bolon ik / white solar wind in DREAMspell; galactic in TreeKweak

i see a bird-sync appearing on the timestamp:

252 iz the current bird at Human5 - Ovetone ...

which has 248 - WaveSpell Leader Star1 as LeftWiong TippngPoint ...
and 256 - current daya Warrior9 Solar - as RightWing TippingPoint ...

FunnY aint that !
PM - Pre or Post or Partnear / Pionear
Mobilizer / Magnetizer / M'OtherHood ?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

1st form to explore

today is GLORYdaya , daynumber 28 in HAWKmoon in DREAMSPELL psi sphere.

this means tomorrow the kweakspell calendar is published here per kweak.

it shows next image for each kweak1-type aka LOVEkweak
(mark the other 2 types are different routes applied on the bodily temples)

kweaktype one covers the first 9 days a moon and tomorrow a table is added to the image in order to guide the numbers and seals from merging DreamSpell and LongCount into KweakInterTwine Catalyzer Speeding Up Implementation of the NooSphereTrusty.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Galactic Moon ~ 3rd SOULdaya

... is actually the 8x3 = 24th SOULdaya in KWEAK ...

and some by now might know this is about having 3 kweaks a Moon ...
where the Moon is aligned to the 13Moon calendar ...
which by estimate is digested by many millions of people on the Planet.

Its cause envowed by natural outcome we all observe and ...
more and more we are willing the ultimate sovereign impulse that unifies the harmoniQ.

(Any problems following me here, pls come in and ask/question and we have a contact!)

in fact this is the 1st entry in this blog which is pioneared in 2 phases into its ultimate 3rd one. up to me ... no next one is to be created, althought everyone else is allowed to create from its own ground of being with "kweak-spirit".

the 2 other pionearing blo*s are here (i prefer blow i.s.o. bloG althought the title gives "GEE" as a SOUND :) :

* Gooddaya of Moon Experience
* another freQuency by week

then we also explored the thing on a classy way in a ning group and by having a gathering on CAB'IN flight

We finished this 2nd / challenging stage by having 2 enlightening days on 8/21 :: SUN and 8/22 :: DRAGON seals expressing Hunab'Ku and Kuxan Suum in the Mystery Queen experiment to pre-psi the NooSpherePotentials.

What do do from this Day onwards having GLORYdaya March3 as its Sync?

In the Mobilizing Moon 9 we will gradually come to a melody in the bloWWW :) so we will have 4 publiKations each Moon:

* Day 1(=1/moon) of Kweak 1 = 1/3 = LoveKweak in Spiral Mode = SIRdaya I

* Day 1(=10/moon) of Kweak 2 = 2/3 = LifeKweak in Lineair Mode = SIRdaya II

* Day 1(=19/moon) of Kweak 3 = 3/3 = VoidKweak in Circular Mode = SIRdaya III

* Day 28=0 of Moon = 4::0 (FIRE) = Daya of Moon Experience (DôME) = Glorydaya

i hope the class will make the flight into this contact
and maybe relations get on relations and Weave In the Kweak In ...

"W E A" as the sync sound in weave * kweak ;-) aYE ...

S'ace aka Bolon Ik ~ Kin022 in DreamSpell / 220 in LongCount / 242 in KweakSpell