Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Rabbit lends the Ears to Heaven

We seem to be through the Rabbit hole !
(mystery queen coverage of kweak!)

We are in the ban of a Venus transit for the 2nd time a lifetime

(and lots of people experience none as a known entity)

i realised my self
for 8 years ago experienceing this med' on the dutch "Toverberg"
("hill for enchantment")

it was sort of lead by Stef & Rietje & kin ...
they were 13 they said when i came in lately

but just in time to experience the ceremony / focus / concentration

now they are getting II transits in a lifetime
maybe illustrated by them two rabbits here?

2 2 ears

mark  the fact Skywalker disappered as a Seal
it became Heaven
a place where the sovereign ship resides
while sailing the s'hip

Saturday, May 19, 2012

serpent aims to a heaven

we pivoted Seal Walker into Heaven
inspired by the dutch word HemelWandelaar,
which turns into Heavenly Walker

this is active on the 28th daya of this Moon 11
dreamspell kin SUN 13
the perfect number to shift into another cycle

moonwave 4 gives Human 4 as Tzolkin Guide
as well as Monkey 3, the one in service on KweakSpell

Winddaya is the Bird
tipping on Moondaya and Sundaya

Sense how the Void gives Opportunity

let it be

Saturday, May 12, 2012

serpent moon on sync with plumed Quetzalcoatl?

we note moon 11 in month 5 Gregorian XIII

it is ruled in kweakspell by Serpent 185 on WindDaya

Thursday gives Ascension Day

then the Chinese Year spells Water Dragon
which is said to be a serpent reptile

Skywalker is the Kweak Guide over the KweakYear
(Seal july 24 in DreamSpell)

2.8 is the kweaknotation for Ascension here
also sync to wind 242 Galactic Wind:
seal 2 tone 8
But then DreamSpell Mystery Queen spells:
wave 2 tone 8
Galactic Tone in Wizard Wave

Quite some power spelled on the Essence of Integrity
(is this political/financial/ethical related to the specie?)

Then KALIKEY is the Chantee for maya 17 (8 too!)

LongCountSpirit is activated on 202 : Resonant Wind (tzujan?)

i wonder why archives must be destroyed - is it as burning libraries?

anyway , may cleansing tables give space to noo waves